Reducing Barriers
to Success

Through Education and Empowerment


The Community Center @ AFC is an outreach ministry of the people of Anderson First Church of the Nazarene, who want to make a difference in Madison County.

We’ve canvassed the area we call “Our GRID” (from Brown to Main Street, and from 23rd to 29th Street), where we want to be actively serving the community, sharing hope, bridging gaps, and building a better Anderson.

You are always welcome at the Community Center, where you can find a safe place, caring community, essential items, and various resources for learning opportunities, programs, services, and more.

5 Core Pillars

A radically inclusive, just and loving community mobilized to alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty and marginalization, all the while, encouraging growth of our relationships with each other.

  • gray_arrows_right Indoor Play Spaces*
  • gray_arrows_right Free Wi-Fi
  • gray_arrows_right Coffee Shop
  • gray_arrows_right Community Events
  • gray_arrows_right Movie Nights

*Coming Soon

Partnership with community businesses and community leaders to help empower our neighborhood by offering a variety of transformational classes, learning opportunities, and life skills.

  • gray_arrows_right Tutoring
  • gray_arrows_right Entrepreneurship Classes
  • gray_arrows_right Financial Literacy
  • gray_arrows_right ESL Classes
  • gray_arrows_right Job Preparation

Full restoration of our community through encouragement of one another, focusing on one vision and living in peace with one another.

  • gray_arrows_right Clothes Closet
  • gray_arrows_right Neighborhood revitalization
  • gray_arrows_right Lawn Care Co-op
  • gray_arrows_right Community Clean-ups
  • gray_arrows_right Senior Citizen Programs
  • gray_arrows_right Shower Facilities
  • gray_arrows_right Laundry Facilities
  • gray_arrows_right Transportation

An environment that builds a healthy community through education and meeting the needs of our neighbors.

  • gray_arrows_right Giving Essentials
  • gray_arrows_right Community Garden
  • gray_arrows_right Fresh Produce Pantry
  • gray_arrows_right Meals
  • gray_arrows_right Health Classes
  • gray_arrows_right Flu Shots
  • gray_arrows_right Transportation to Dr. Appointments

We aim at being informed and implementing the best practices for each area of service we provide.  We strive to use our resources to ensure the safest encounters for both the people we serve and those who serve.

  • gray_arrows_right Smoke Detector Program
  • gray_arrows_right Neighborhood & Crime Watch
  • gray_arrows_right Warming & Cooling Stations

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$1.2M of $2.3M

When donating, please select “AFC Community Center/Building Fund.”

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Ready to use your skills to help build the community? We have service opportunities for every skill set.