Luna Coffee & Lunch

Located inside the Community Center

Luna Coffee Hours Today: Open Before Services

Drink Coffee. Help Others.

We’ve searched all over the world and have found a fantastic coffee roaster right here in Madison County! Known for their delicious blends, Maranatha Coffee has developed a special roast just for Luna Coffee. It’s a win, win, win:

  1. You get an awesome cup of coffee!
  2. We invest in a Madison County company.
  3. We make a difference in the lives of people all over the world!

Maranatha Coffee funds missions around the world. They were founded “To provide meaningful support to those living in the margin by sharing the margins generated through the production of the Freshest Best Tasting Coffee.” Ministries funded have included Freedom International Ministries and projects such as constructing water lines to bring fresh water to the Maasai people in East Africa.

We believe in more than just serving a great cup of coffee. We believe in making a difference in the lives of others.
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Thank You For Your Service.

We offer a 10% discount everyday to Veterans and Active Military personnel. The same discount applies to others who serve within our community, including first responders, healthcare workers, and teachers. Students also receive the discount.

It is just a small way we can say THANK YOU to the people who devote their lives and careers to our health, safety, and education. Please let the cafe staff know if you qualify and we will be glad to take 10% off of your tab!